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Security Solutions

Security Solutions

IGS Delivers cutting-edge physical & technical security for your enterprise. We work with the most reputed brands globally for bringing formidable security solutions. We have indepth experience in installation & management.

Communication Solutions

Communications Solutions

We deliver most robust and reliable communication solutions to enterprises for smooth business communications. We work with the finest technology brands for our solutions.

Power Solution

Power Solutions

Reliable power backup is an integral requirement to the functioning of modern enterprises. IGS’ formidable power backup solutions give you the peace of mind for power backups, thereby maintaining safety and security of your data & infra and maximizing productivity.

Smart Building Solutions

Smart Buildings Solutions

IGS delivers smart building solutions encompassing all aspects of Security, Communications, Power Backup and more. We are working on some robust projects in the space.

Our Solutions & Experience

IGS specializes in technology infrastructure, perimeter security, defense solutions and communications. We have vast experience carrying out a range of technical security projects including implementation of large-scale and complex projects, protection of critical infrastructure such as gas & oil, Refineries, shopping malls, manufacturing, banks, commercial buildings and undersea optical fiber deployment.

Featuring IGS`s unique expertise integrating diverse vehicle and pedestrian access control systems, explosive trace detectors, perimeter intrusion detection, night vision spectrum and thermal systems, our security offering includes some of today’s most advanced solutions including : Fence sensors, explosive proof and thermal imagery, specialized copper and optical fiber cabling including undersea submarine installations, biometric and video analytic systems, automatic license plate recognition, face recognition, indoor/outdoor people and vehicle tracking etc. 

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Senior Security Consultant

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